Trusted Builder

Trusted Builder is a role that allows Builders to get noticed in the community for all there work they put time and effort in. To apply for Builder please send us 3 of the creations you have made these can be pixel art etc, Have 2 people that can recommend you as being a legit builder, And then have a good reputation in the club, Once you have got all our requirements for Trusted Builder please go to our Discord Server and make a ticket so one of our Moderators can come back to you to assist your application

Once getting the Trusted Builder role there is a few rules you must stick to:

Make sure to have a good reputation in the community, if we hear that you have been scamming in any sorts of ways we will have to investigate the issue.

Make sure the builds you showcase are actual builds you have made so people know that it was you that made it and then can trust you to making them a custom build if they would like one.

Please do not sell for Real Life Money as this can cause issues in the server that can be really challenging to deal with the stuff you can sell for are Any in game item, This can be Robux or Credits etc.