Trusted Seller 

Trusted Seller is a role that allows Sellers to Sell there accounts or items for Real Life money, This role is dedicated to people that can't exploit. To receive this role you must record you selling 3 accounts without any issues or take screenshots, Have a good reputation, Have 2 people that can recommend you.  And then have £10 or 4500 rocket league creds to pay to us. Please note these creds help us keep the website running for you guys 

Once getting the Trusted Seller role there is a few rules you must stick to:

-As a Trusted Seller you are allowed to Sell for Irl and have benefits then other people -

-You cant exploit but have accounts you wish to sell 

- Respect the trusted Exploiters they may of given you a base but they might not want you to sell it as it deprives the rarity (RIP Star Shop Base)