Trusted Trader

Trusted Trader is a role that members can Work to achieve, To get the role it is pretty easy, Obtain 3 recordings of your trades, these trades must be from a random either in the club or the game, Please stick to mainly lumber trades so its easy to monitor clips. Once you have managed to get 3 clips please go to our discord server located in Our Contacts and then make a ticket saying I would like to apply for trusted trader.

Once getting the Trusted Trader role there is a few rules you must stick to:

- Bases are to be sold for in game items or in game rewards, This means that any irl type of money such as gift-cards or pay-pal is not allowed.

- As a Trusted Trader you have rights to make other people go first if they don't have any ranks such as Trusted Trader, Seller, Builder, Exploiter. If they are also a Trusted Trader both of you need to agree who has to go first.