Trusted Exploiter

Trusted Exploiter is a role that allows Exploiters to Sell there accounts or items for Real Life money or literally anything. To unlock Trusted Exploiter you must provide a screenshot of your executer this can be synapse or sentinel. Provide a recording of you exploiting then a fee of £10 or 4500 rocket league creds (the money goes towards the domain to keep the site running)

Once getting the Trusted Exploiter role there is a few things to know:

- Sell for Irl money or anything you want (Thats cool!)

- Don't have to go First in trades, if its another Trusted Exploiter you must both decide who goes first

- Respect other Exploiters if they give you a base try not resell it cause it causes WW3 (seen it to many times to the point I get popcorn and relax to watch)

- You made it to the best rank in the club now that deserves a cake to celebrate